Get Involved

Fundraising for the Forces Children’s Trust.

It can be a lot of fun raising money for the Forces Children’s Trust.

We can support you by supplying a range of fundraising materials.  Any goods ordered must be paid for before they can be sent to the fund raiser, they are supplied on a sale and return basis so if they are not sold in the allotted time scale we will reimburse the fund raiser for the unsold items providing that all goods are returned in perfect condition.

To register as a fundraiser, please MAIL a copy of your driving licence or passport and a utility bill from within the last three months to:  Fundraising, Forces Children’s Trust, Quaver Rest, 65 Shawley Way, Epsom Downs, Surrey, KT18 5PD.

 For more information, contact Denny Wise.

Click here for fundraising documents.