A listening ear

We contacted FCT after the death of my husband Colonel Nick Carrell. I knew first hand of the outstanding work Denny does for Forces Children who have been bereaved, from my own work for two other service charities.

Denny’s compassion and genuine understanding of the challenges service children face, particularly when they lose a parent, is clear and he was one of the first people I reached out to after the loss of my husband.

Denny has helped us with academic support for my daughters who missed a considerable amount of school due to their dad’s illness and death and has supported me emotionally and financially.

He has been a listening ear when most people thought we were ‘fine’ and had forgotten us.

The last year has been the most challenging of our lives, but FCT have helped us to adapt and we are slowly rebuilding our lives and learning to thrive again.

A most heartfelt thank you from Jilly Scarlett (age 16) and Bibi (age 14)