2017 Trip to Nepal

In the first two weeks of April 2017, a group of 16 young people travelled to Nepal. The goals of the trip were to help in a school affected by the 2015 earthquake, to go trekiing and to experience a multi-day white water rafting trip. With much of the day to day running of the trip being the responsibility of the group, not only was it a great experience but also an opportunity to learn new team and leadership skills.

These are a selection of images and comments from the group.


Going to Nepal for two weeks has taught me to take nothing for granted, and appreciate what you have got while you’ve still got it.


DSCN2947 copy

I loved meeting the local children, playing with them and making them smile!



It was a fabulous adventure!



Amazing and completely unforgettable.



Travelling to Nepal offered me so much perspective on how lucky we are in the UK.



At times it was challenging but I feel like I overcame so many fears.



My highlight of the whole trip has got to be the opportunity to spend quality time with some of my closest friends.