Poppy is running the Great South Run – read why it means so much

Poppy & DadMy dad was in the Special Forces RAF and was killed in action on Sunday 30th of January 2005. He was a wonderful dad and husband; Mum and I would describe him as a joker with an effervescent personality. His passions in life were his family, his job, music and golf- even I was roped into golf tournaments as a young girl, but that meant quality time with Dad! 

The Forces Children’s Trust has been there for Mum and I from the very beginning and offers children up and down the country experiences we wouldn’t otherwise be able to seize. As well as helping us to create life long memories and friends, Denny (founder of the FCT) recognises how hard it can be to deal with the devastating aftermath of losing a parent and does his very best to put that smile back on our faces.

I will be running with my cousin Emily, my Auntie Nick, Auntie Nell and Uncle Robin. We are all putting in a great amount of practise to achieve a good time on the day! I am so grateful that my family and friends are supporting me and the charity; I can’t wait to push ourselves to the limit, for such an amazing cause! I love you all. Thank you

Also, a big thank you to my FCT friends, the patrons and the one and only Denny Wise! 


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