The Outward Bound Trust Ullswater 2014 – a participant’s experience

poppyOne year has passed and myself, Poppy Gibson, and 20 other FCT children are back off to the Lake District for more fun, teamwork and adventure- we just can’t stay away!

I have been on the FCT Outward Bound week nearly twice now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it both times; not only have I had endless amounts of fun with my friends, I’ve also gained confidence and independence along the way. The instructors are brilliant for accommodating all of our needs as well as engaging with us on a professional and more personal level, which really helps us to bond as a group.

For me, my first time on the Outward Bound week was very much about building friendships with the other children (who I didn’t know before) as well as learning as much as possible about outdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking and tunnelling.

This time round I have felt even more like one big family and it is amazing to be surrounded by people who understand what you’ve been through, even if we don’t talk about it much. The nature of the activities and the structure of the week means that everybody is always included  and it is an ideal set up for making new friendships and gaining friends for life.

The Outward Bound staff and instructors contribute a huge amount to how the week pans out; they always ensure a relaxed environment whereby nobody feels pressured to do anything that they aren’t comfortable with. The instructors do an excellent job of making sure everybody feels happy and safe at all times, which is essential. Without such brilliant instructors, the Outward Bound trip would be nowhere near as successful as it is, and us children wouldn’t have achieved half as many goals as we have!

Another asset to the trip is of course Denny, founder of the FCT, who not only organises the week but also acts as ‘dad figure’ whilst we’re away and encourages and supports all of us. His eagerness to join in and caring nature spurs everybody on and keeps everyone happy.

I am very much looking forward to coming back for a third time to the Lakes next year and I can’t wait to meet new faces and see what Denny and the Outward Bound team have lined up for us next time.

Poppy Gibson, 16

Photo gallery from the event: