Outward Bound! A participant’s experience

Denny Wise, founder of the Forces Children’s Trust, organised an FCT Outward – Bound trip in August in the Lake District. He took around 30 children up to Ullswater, for a fun-filled, action packed week of activities! Each one of these children have lost a parent in the forces, including myself, Georgina Chapman aged 15.

Outward Bound


The week wouldn’t have been the same if Denny wasn’t there, he supported and encouraged everyone to get up and try something new including things many people thought they would never do! I thought it was a really great adventure and an amazing week to spend with people in the same boat as you and who understand you. I find it a lot easier to talk with others who feel the same as I do. It made everyone become a lot closer as we spent the week working together. Everyone made lots of friends and I have certainly kept in touch since August. It was such a chilled atmosphere, nobody felt pressured, no strict schedule, but we achieved many things. We had some great instructors throughout the week, who helped us when it was hard and kept everyone going, they were brilliant and so helpful. It was a truly amazing week and I definitely would like to go again.

A few words from participants:

‘I thought it was amazing and everyone together felt like a family. It was so easy to just be yourself there and it’s the best way to meet people who have been in similar situations.

Molly Stephens (14)

The whole experience surrounding the FCT Outward Bound week was one I truly value. I made new friends straight away and fortunately the instructors were very understanding of the situation every one of us were in. I challenged myself and achieved things I had never imagined myself doing, including hiking 7 miles up a mountain, which was not equipped with a toilet! Denny made the trip complete, with his humour, eagerness to join in and his supportive nature. I definitely will do the FCT Outward Bound week again, as I thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m already signed up for next year and counting down the days!

Poppy Gibson (15)

It made me feel happy and I made many new friends, who all understand each other, and I also understand them. It was a really enjoyable week and so much fun. I would definitely go again!

Jack Williams (14)


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