A note of appreciation!

We are all keeping busy, or should I say the children are busy and I am kept busy ferrying them around lol!  It’s good to see them carrying on with living…. It’s what makes what you do all the more poignant and so needed!

No matter where the path of life leads us Denny, the children and I will forever be immensely grateful for the hand you held out for them to grasp and the path you paved, for them to still become the fine young people/adults that Ian and I wished they would be…. and they are indeed getting there …. Time waits for nobody!

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, but you are doing a tremendous job …. giving children back their childhood …. to allow them to have some respite from carrying the burdens that many military families sadly have to bear.

Take good care Denny and much love always!


This note is used by kind permission of the writer.