Charity ride from Lands End to John O’Groats


Who are we?

We are a group of friends with a common interest in motorcycles. Our goal is to show our support for the British Forces by raising funds for charities that support the British Forces and their Children. On this occasion, we have gathered a group of around 15 motorcycles to ride from Lands End to John O’Groats, stopping off at The National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas, Staffordshire, in support of The Forces Children’s Trust and The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

 Where did we go?

All starting a various locations and meeting at Lands End on Sunday 3rd May to Start our journey on Monday the 4th May to John O’Groats,

Day 1 Lands End to the National Memorial Arboretum in Stafford to lay a wreath in remembrance to the Fallen.

Day 2 The NMA to Perth for an overnight Stay

Day 3 Perth to John O’Groats

How we organised it?

Whilst on a weekend trip a few of us mentioned that we had a desire to do a charity run From Lands end to John O’Groats on the Bikes.

We chose the Charity’s Royal British Legion and Forces Children’s Trust as beneficiaries to moneys collected, we then decided that It had to have a bit of a challenge and said it had to be 1000 miles Minimum and had to be completed in 3 days, with all funds collected in sponsorship to be split 50/50 between the two charities. The Gus Bus (Motorcycle combination) would do the Journey and it would be nice to include the NMA at Stafford.

 What was our motivation?

As several of the team are from military background or have had family in the forces, we all have a desire to help the bereaved and injured. This desire has been fuelled by other charity events that we have done such as Mothers day ride in Royal Wootton Bassett, where we rode as one to say thanks to those who have also helped British Forces Personnel. These rides have brought us all together in a common cause, helping support friends and family in the forces who have suffered injury or loss of loved ones.

 My Personnel views on the effort from everyone?

The effort and dedication by everybody in the team has been unquestionable. Each person funding the project themselves by paying fuel and accommodation cost’s from their own pockets.

 Other quirky bit to your story?

The Journey will be completed in 3 Days will be accompanied by Gus a 16 month old Rottweiler who loves to ride in his own Gus Bus a 1200 Suzuki Bandit with Sidecar, A large fund raiser and popular member of the team, he has his Own Safety Harness and Goggles that are made for dogs. With a hat for protection of his eyes and ears, he was health checked by his vet prior to and after the ride.


We would like to thanks to all our supporters

The support given to us from, FCT, RBL Poppy Appeal, The Royal Marines, Royal Navy, The Berrow Inn, and supporting companies, has been excellent.

 The Journey

Pre Ride day, A large group leaving the Berrow Inn Somerset with a farewell lunch and send off from Rob the landlord and the Town Mayor. We all arrive at Lands End from various locations around the country,

Day One, We all gather at Lands End early for a photo shoot and prepare to leave, a quick radio check and safety check and off we go, heading for the NMA in Stafford, Riders from the British Legion join us at the NMA where a reading and laying of a wreath.

Day Two, another early start after breakfast heading for Perth, today the weather does not favour us and a few showers accompany us during our journey, Gus the Rottie has his soft top raised on his side car. Everybody remains in good spirit if a little wet. We receive good interest and well wishes from the public at our fuel stops and welfare breaks. The day ends in Perth having ridden through some spectacular countryside; Neil’s route taking us along A roads has been fantastic.

Day Three, the final push to John O’Groats. Our journey takes us past the Lochs, again mother nature helps us with it being a challenge, by giving us the rain but adding some heavy mist and fog. at times the ridding becomes very slow as visibility drops. However the smiles and determination is still present in all the riders. We finally get to the Hotel in John O’Groats. Total distance travelled from Lands End 1025 miles, we have done it, Gus has sat in his sidecar for the whole journey,

The Journey has been exactly what we wanted a minimum of 1000 miles to be completed in three days and a challenge met. Great support from the public as we have ridden, with thanks going to the support crew for having sandwiches and drinks ready at each stop.

Now for the Journeys home, we all say our farewells and split off and ride to our homes with some serious bike cleaning to be done when we get there.

Photo Gallery

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Funds Raised

We are pleased to say that £4443 has been raised for each Charity

Cheque £3500

Online Virgin £943 + Gift aid

A couple of quotes from those taking part:

John: couldn’t think of a better bunch of Nutters to be riding with for a great cause.

Sandy: All those bacon Butties to do

Sandy: I never rode more than 75 miles on the back of a bike, so a big challenge but well worth it as an ex navel nurse looking forward to continuing to do as much as I can for our lads and Lasses.

Gary: wanted to do this for a while, but to do it with my Nutter friends will be very special, also love bacon butties!

Steve: Went on a trip to Scotland on an old Triumph in the mid seventies and have wanted to do it again ever since, especially for a good cause, also I love Sandy’s bacon butties.

Chris: As the group photographer I’m looking forward to the opportunity to snap my friends riding all that way through lovely countryside while raising money for two very worthwhile charities.

Sara: Really wanted to do, this ride, and if we can help support our forces at the same time, it makes it worth while

Tracey: Just my little contribution to say thanks to all our forces and it looked like the only way I was ever going to get one of Sandy’s bacon butties.

Neil: Never organised anything this big so hoping we haven’t forgotten anything!

Paul: I have Total respect for all of our troops and this is a small way to repay the huge debt we owe them.

Toni: We owe so much to those who service our country so it is a pleasure to have been given the chance to take part.