HMS Edinburgh charity antics raise over £1000

HMS Edinburgh has just returned from a seven month deployment in the South Atlantic, and whilst this was a busy time operationally there was a few times where they were able to take some down-time and run various flight deck entertainments to raise money for the Forces Children’s Trust!

They report…

“We tried to do any event we could think of from Blind Boxing to Horse Racing nights. Petty Officer George Cross put himself forward to have his “mono-brow” waxed off – leaving him feeling rather open to the elements! One event that particularly stood out for me was the Miss Edinburgh 2011 competition. This involved a member of each mess being voted on looks, grace and a party piece of their choosing. Now bear in mind here we only have 2 ladies mess’ onboard you can imagine the scene! Party pieces included jokes, songs and many choosing to complete a lap dance for their HOD’s. Even the CO managed to get a lap dance!”

Denny recently visited the ship and collected a cheque for £1015.98.

“HMS EDINBURGH may be on her way out of the fleet – but while there is still “smoke in our funnels” we’ll continue to work hard and play harder!”