Bob Stewart MP (Beckenham) (Con);

On Monday 19th December 2011 the following exchange took place in the House of Commons between Bob Stewart (Beckehham) (Con):  and Nick Harvey (North Devon) (Lib Dem) who is the Minister for the Armed Forces.

Bob Stewart (Beckenham) (Con): As the patron of the Forces Children’s Trust, which looks after service orphans and widows, may I gently remind the Minister that it would be nice if the Ministry of Defence were to encourage all units, when they are having their Christmas celebrations, to look after the people who have lost loved ones within the unit? I am sure that that is happening, but a gentle reminder would not go amiss.
Nick Harvey: My hon. Friend makes a good point. I share his confidence that commanding officers and those responsible for the welfare of troops will have this in mind, but when there are opportunities to offer such reminders, we will certainly do so.