Mammouth RAF Fund Raiser


A Mammouth RAF Fund Raiser starts in Afghanistan for the Forces Children’s Trust and other charities in March 2012.

We are starting on 1 March 2012 (arrival in Afghanistan), and finishing on 15 July 2012 (leaving theatre).  There are 3 main parts of the challenge, named OP GYMBUSTER:

 During our time away in Afghanistan, we will aim to cover 61,700km (for 617 Squadron) by walking, running, cycling or rowing. 

  1. However, we want to get the whole 617 family involved, so we are allowing each Sqn member to add a ‘plus one’ – this could be a wife/husband/parent/friend – anyone who can add their distance to ours, at a max of one ‘plus one’ per serving member.  A bit of competition between the family, and a great way for those whose families don’t live locally to get involved.

  2. For those families and friends who live locally, there will be lots of events happening e.g. quizzes, fun days, cake sales, social events and much more, organised by the 617 Sqn families. is the key link for people to donate their money to.  61,700km is a long way and quite a challenge!  We are raising money for the RAFBF, Forces Childrens Trust and the 617 Sqn Association Memorial Fund.