Levison Meltzer Pigott offer their support

Legal advisors to the Forces Children's Trust

Family Law firm, Levison Meltzer Pigott, is to support the work of The Forces Children’s Trust (FCT), the charity devoted to helping children whose father or mother has died, or has sustained life threatening injuries whilst serving as a member of the British Armed Forces. The 5 partner London-based firm, specialising in all aspects of family law, is to establish a fund for assisting these families with meeting the costs of “educational” needs. This could be as simple as a request for help with buying school uniform, funding a school trip or paying for transport if a child is not covered by Local Authority support. It could be more complex in that the request may not necessarily be deemed “essential” such as a new laptop or ballet lessons. All requests for support will go direct to the Trust (Denny Wise) for validation and approval.

The firm is also committed to actively raise funds for the charity for the purposes of its more general objectives and to provide a “Legal Helpline” to provide first steps advice to FCT families on legal issues.

Simon Pigott, explains why The Forces Children’s Trust was selected: “As family lawyers we are of course aware of the potential for tremendous impact on children’s lives of a family break-up. We appreciate how much worse this impact can be when it involves the death or very serious injury of a parent. We wanted to fund a charitable cause to support not just with money but on a practical basis, ‘on the ground’. We hoped to identify a charity which shared some of our values and which might benefit from the experience and skills of the team here at Levison Meltzer Pigott and our contacts. We were hugely impressed by the passion and focus of Denny Wise and what he is doing having established and grown an organisation which is still very personal in nature; we have strong personal contacts with the British Armed Forces and believe this is an opportunity to show in some small way that we are proud of what they do.”

For families who wish to apply for funding to support an educational need, please download an application form from our website http://www.forceschildrenstrust.org/contact-us.html

If you would like to contact Levison Meltzer Pigott’s FCT Legal Helpline email your query to: FCT@LMPlaw.co.uk