As a charity we are devoted to working together to assist any dependent children who are in need, whose father or mother has died or has sustained life-changing injuries whilst serving as a member of the Armed Forces and such other occupations as determined from time to time by the Trustees. The FCT, by reason of its aims and size, has the flexibility and ability to make decisions and offer help as needed, with minimum fuss and consequent time-loss.

The scope of its ability to help both an individual and a group of children in similar circumstances is illustrated by two recent cases. It provided special software for a dyslexic young boy who had sadly lost his father. The cost was beyond the mother in her present circumstances and not available from other sources.

The immediate response by the FCT enabled the young boy to instantly improve his educational skills. In contrast, the Trust funded and enabled a trip to London for a group of young children to see the hit-show ‘Mary Poppins’. This included an overnight stay as well as restaurant meals and other visits together with their mothers and escorts from the Army/RAF Widows Associations.

In addition, a dream came true for many children and the trusts founder Denny Wise with a special trip to see ‘The Sound Of Music’ at the London Palladium, leading to an even more magical surprise with Noel Edmonds. The Forces Children’s Trust was founded in 2004 by Mr. Denny Wise who, with his extensive show-business background and contacts, has spent many years giving so much time to fund-raising for so many good causes and charities, most of which have a strong Service background and include the Royal Star & Garter Homes.

Following the many heart-breaking stories that have emerged from the losses in Afghanistan and Iraq, Denny was concerned that the subsequent needs of the affected children, were not being fully addressed. He was particularly moved by the number of children who were left without a parent.

Discussing the situation with his contacts, he decided that a charity solely dedicated to helping the individual needs and problems of the children would help fill a niche in the charitable field of family care. The Trust recognises that each child is special and unique, and should an individual require help not provided directly by the FCT, the Trust can assist where appropriate.